Sunday, 30 April 2017

White Flowers

When the darkness of the night meets the flowers that are white,
Everything gets warm,
New stories are born.

Like a princess in disguise, you were sweet, kind and bright.
Together we sang, together we laughed,
Stories of that night.
You and me, and the stars,
Swans dancing in the moonlight.

Fearless dreamers will know what kind of feeling it is,
From the tiniest spark, a whole forest can burn.
Oh, stars, be my witnesses, for my feelings deceive me,
Tell me all that you saw, and the truth I can't see.

Was it a dream, an illusion... was it all a dark spell?

What we shared is now eternal, though the night, finite.
Cold hands, anxious heart... déjà vu of a farewell,
When she goes, it's all gone,
Close we are to midnight.

                                                                        Lucas Zavarelli