Sunday, 10 June 2018

Free Falling

We give all we have, we can't hide what we feel,
It's hard to stand, so we fall and we crawl.
Smell the aroma of new chances, forget the failed romances,
Carpe diem, seize the day...
Here comes the winds of Fall.
We venerate the past, we dream about the future,
While seizing the now!
The enough can be good,
But not good enough when we can have it all.
Applause can be deceptive, "good job" is just mediocre,
We don't give up! We don't give in!
Don't stop us now!

We feel too much,
We dive too deep,
We dream awake,
We barely sleep.
We fall at first sight,
We love and we burn,
We're alive and we live.
Like there's no tomorrow,
Like we're about to leave.

They say everything in excess is bad,
But I believe this overflow is needed.
I'd rather live in this excess of life
Than die after a life not lived.

                                                                                     Lucas Zavarelli