Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Dear Dream

Light to a dark night,
Reason of each tiny smile.
I close my eyes and you are here next to me...
Close to my heart, though far from my sight.
You were my past yesterday,
You are my future tomorrow...
I'll meet you in your dreams,
Let me visit you tonight.

                                   Lucas Zavarelli

Getting to Know You

Distance hurts and I knew it long before getting closer to you,
Your soul is pure and I can see it when I see you through your art.
Without faith we just can't see it, close your eyes so you can see it through.
If love is blind, why open the eyes? Dare to believe and see with your heart.
'Cause when love is in our nature, loving becomes natural,
Reality becomes art,
Dreams... come true.

                                                          Lucas Zavarelli

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Dear Friend

My dear friend,
You don't search for love, you don't beg to be loved,
Wherever you are, whatever you do, true love will always find you.
When your passion survives the fire, in the furnace your love is forged,
I open my eyes, I'm dreaming awake, there she comes...
An old dream that now seems so true.

Allow love to fully embrace you, and your story shall be eternal...
You will know she's the one when she looks deep into your eyes.
And though the winter will come and our lives may be ephemeral...
When your flame resists the time, more than life your love becomes...
A true love story that never dies.

                                                      Lucas Zavarelli

Tuesday, 5 February 2019


You're so special,
And you're more, much more than special.
You've always been that,
We being close or afar.
To me, you're more than special,
And words can't tell you how much special,
Cause you're more, and that's a fact,
Simply being who you are.

                                            Lucas Zavarelli

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Sweet Dreams, Good Night

I wish I could look into your eyes
And see all the way to your soul.
I'd fight your fears, the sorrows, the lies,
Would hug you till you feel safe,
You can stay...
Please, don't go.

I'd be the one, and all I can become,
I'd be and do it all for you...
Would hold you tight till all your pain is gone,
Would give you all my love, make your wishes come true.

And then, when this night is finally done...
Dreaming of what we are or what we could have been,
Regardless of what the future holds, we being close or apart...
May all the nights always give you, in reality or dream,
What I dream of giving you with all my soul and heart.

Sweet dreams,
Good night.

                                                         Lucas Zavarelli

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Blue Fire

It's a tiny little spark that starts the fire that burns in blue.
It's older than time, it has always been and forever will be.
And yet, it never gets old,
And even when it burns to ashes, from the ashes reborns burning in flames anew.
It's that endless uncertainty, that cold sweat,
The sweet surrender...
That I feel with you.

                                                                 Lucas Zavarelli